The Longest Road on Earth - "Never has an empty mailbox brought so many feels"


Huntdown - "An exhilarating and challenging action adventure"

Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger initially released their 80s-inspired action platformer Huntdown last year on PC and console, where it has since received plaudits across the board. But did you know that the game was initially designed with mobile in mind? Well, now it has returned to its original home and fortunately, very little has been lost in translation.

One Escape - "Robber Ducky and friends"

One Escape is a puzzle-platformer featuring three robbers who come up with a plan to rob a bank. Something goes wrong during the heist and they get caught, are locked up tight in jail, and are now looking for a way out. You need to find the keycards, avoid the guards, and escape the jail while you still can.

Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus - "Praise be to technology"

Warhammer 40K puts you in control of the faction The Mechanicum in this turn-based combat title and has you guiding your tech-priests and soldiers to victory, one move at a time. While the Imperium’s tech-obsessed faction has a bunch of knowledge of machinery and cybernetics, they must use their weaponry and brute force if they ever have a hope in purging the Necron force from planet Silva Tenebris before it’s too late. Plenty of lore, dialogue, and action await you within the confines of this smart and sophisticated tactical combat game.

Too often in life, we’re preoccupied with all the clutter surrounding us every single day. Whether it’s that meeting we’re rushing to or second-guessing if we left the kettle on that morning, we always find endless ways to keep both our minds and our hands busy.

Sixit - "Master juggler"

Sixit is a narrative puzzler with a twist. You are only given six actions to perform on each run, and when you’ve used them, you start over again, with the abilities or puzzles you solved remaining. It’s a fancy idea, playing off other games like Minit and other smart roguelikes, but if there’s one takeaway you get from Sixit, it’s the humour.

Ears and Burgers - "More than meets the eye"

Don’t you just hate when cooking games start to get repetitive? This game, for instance, it’s about feeding hungry bunnies endless towers of hamburgers. Those are probably a dime a dozen these days.

Overboard! - "Getting away with murder, with the help of a higher power"

They say the pandemic brings out a person’s true colors as the great equalizer, but Overboard! does so much more than that – it forces you to look deep into your soul and unleashes the inner murderer in you.